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Emily Cheng ’21, Dimitris Ntaras ’21, Olivia Kusio ’21, and Sabrina Sequeira ’21

Emily Cheng ’21, Dimitris Ntaras ’21, Olivia Kusio ’21, and Sabrina Sequeira ’21

Service Focus, which bridges students’ service experiences with academics, provides meaningful internships for first-year students. Read about the experiences of Emily Cheng ’21, Dimitris Ntaras ’21, Sabrina Sequeira ’21, and Olivia Kusio ’21.

Finding the ‘Wonder’ in Science: Emily Cheng ’21 spent her summer in the classroom, teaching low-income students in Boston how math and science can be a formula for being kind to one another. Read more

A Solution That’s Not Watered Down: When Dimitris Ntaras ’21 discovered that his country’s water supply was tainted, he poured his efforts in to designing an affordable water filter that can help people around the globe. Read more

Rays of Hope in Peru: Inspired by the beauty of giant manta rays, Olivia Kusio ’21 spent her summer working to protect a vulnerable species by educating fishing communities in Peru and helping them adapt to dramatic climate change. Read more

A Healthy Start to the American Dream: When Sabrina Sequeira ’21 decided to dedicate her summer to helping refugees, she didn’t jet to a distant corner of the globe — she took the New Jersey Turnpike home. Read more


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